Terry Hartzel

Terry Hartzel

Terry has appeared at the Diamond Belle every year since 1987, entertaining guests with his ragtime, saloon piano and vast repertoire of American popular songs and show tunes.  He began playing the piano at age five inspired by the ragtime recordings of Johnny Maddox, and played ragtime on the Ted Mack Original Amateur Hour at age 12.  Terry played the piano professionally in Boston to help pay his way through college and law at Dartmouth and Harvard Law Schools.  (We always help him down from the piano podium.)

His subsequent performances included engagements at El Porto Ristorante in Alexandria, Virginia, a mecca for ragtime where Terry first met Johnny Maddox, who has had a great influence on Terry's ragtime piano.   Terry currently resides outside of Manhattan.

Terry makes playing the piano look like so much fun that you may want to start taking lessons, but packed behind each note is years of training and experience. We know that you will love the chance to experience the masterful renditions of Terry Hartzel as much as we do. Be sure to come in and share some of your time with him. 

Terry Hartzel will play in the Diamond Belle at about 5:30pm on the following days:

Monday through Saturday